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Thank you for applying to Hillsborough Community College. The steps are simple and take only a few minutes. If you do not complete your application now, you can save and return at a later time by using the user id and password that you create in the next step.

The Application Due Date for Fall 2015, is August 3, 2015. Application Due Dates for courses that have starting and ending dates that differ from the regular schedule (16-weeks) will be ten working days prior to the beginning of the course. Students who miss the original deadline may be eligible for admission to courses that begin later in the term, or for admission to the next semester.


Hillsborough Community College (HCC) will only use your social security number (SSN) as needed for lawful purposes within the business of HCC and for those specific purposes identified by the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and other state and federal regulatory agencies.

The SSN will not be used in any information system as the primary identification of individuals unless required by law. HCC is committed to provide security for our students, faculty and staff; and recognizes that the threat of identity theft is a growing problem. HCC departments that are authorized and required to collect, transmit, store or use a SSN will do so in a secure manner. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge or dismissal in accordance with HCC rules and procedures. In compliance with Section 119.071(5), Florida Statutes, this document serves to notify you of the purpose for the collection and usage of your SSN.

HCC collects and uses your SSN only for the following purposes in performance of the College’s duties and responsibilities. To protect your identity, HCC will protect your SSN from unauthorized access, never release your SSN to unauthorized parties, and assign you a unique student/employee identification number. This unique ID number is used for all associated employment and educational
purposes at HCC.

For the student information system (Hawknet), the primary identifier for a student will be the student identification number, which will be used to access student education records, and for electronic and paper data systems that identify, track and service students. Faculty and staff will require students provide their student identification number for all transactions and not SSNs for any transactions requiring access to student records.

Financial Aid
The HCC Office of Financial Aid requires students to submit their SSN on various financial aid forms to coordinate institutional, state and federal financial aid programs.

The HCC Admissions Department will collect student SSNs, which is needed for federal reporting requirements. However, students are assigned a student number through the HawkNet system, which will be used. All SSNs are protected by FERPA and are never released to unauthorized parties.

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